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Announcement of the holding anauction for the right subsoil usege - 4 objects in Naryn region (GOLD AND COAL)

The State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic announces an auction for the right for subsoil usage on the following objects:

No. of lotName of objectType of mineral resourceType of subsoil useLocation of objectGeological summaryStarting price of object
1 Karakichi area Gold Geological prospecting works Jumgal district of Naryn region

On the results of work, the inferred resources were counted on category P1 for a depth 100 m, which consisted 111 tons of ore and 1.4 tons of gold at an average gold grade 12.1 g/t.

The inferred resources are overstated because in counting extension of industrial mineralization expected for a considerable depth but it is not confirmed in the research of the deep horizons.

On the results of revaluation of the deposit, the middle gold content in the ore body consisted 11,5 g/t. Probably it is overstated too, because calculation was carried out without limitation hurricane contents due to the small amount of the samples.

The inferred resources of gold for 1 m of shaft deepening constitutes (150х1,5х2,8х11,5/1000) = 7,25 kg with next parameters: ore body’s length as 150 m, middle power as 1.5 m, volume weight as 2.8 t/m3 and gold content as 11.5 g/t. Actually the inferred resources of gold of “Main” ore body can be estimated at the 300-350 kg on this scrutiny degree and spread of the mineralization for the deep 50 m.

2000 (two thousand) U.S. dollars
2 Sarykoo area Gold Geological prospecting works Kochkor district of Naryn region

The mineralization represents the steeply dipping gold-bearing vein zone consisting of quartz veins in crushed, brecciated diorites of Suusamyr complex timed to submeridional faults. N-E flank of Minkush-Karakichigoldzonefaults.

The ore formation is gold-sulphidic. The mineral consist - gold, chalcosite, goethite, hematite, chalcopyrite, quartz, epidote. Gold is in the quartz and chalcosite as the form of grains and veinlets. Zone of oxidation is over 120 m. The wallrock changes – silicification, skarnization and epidotization. Ore zones and bodies – linear steeply dipping meridional ore-bearing ore zone lengthwise of submeridional faults in the diorites – 2120х240-520мх400 m. linear gold vein zone (ore body) – 1250х1-9 m.

4700 (four thousand seven hundred) U.S. dollars
3 Coalfield Aksai Coal Exploration works Aktala district of Naryn region

On the results of work in the 1957-1959 the calculation of steam coal reserves was carry out on the “Main” seam.

Herewith the minimal calculation power taken as 1.0 m. The maximal coal ash content taken as 10, 4%. The inferred resources consisted on next categories: В- 17544 tons, С1- 44073 tons, С2- 121213 tons, in total - 182830 tons (182.8 thousand tons). These reserves are not approved and registered on the balance.

200 (two hundred) U.S. dollars
4 Brown Coalfield Kashkasu Coal Exploration works Jumgal district of Naryn region

Quality of coal deposits is explored poorly. This is due to the fact that exploration work was carried out with the aim to identify and explore of uranium ore. Exploration of the coal seams and quality was carried out concurrently. Coals of deposit have the elemental composition close to third brown coal stage of metamorphism. Because of the lack of many classification parameters, it’s impossible to clarify accurately the coal’s mark.

Approximately coals of Kashkasu deposit can be classified to mark B (brown), group 3B (third brown), subgroup 3BV (third brown, vitrinite) same as goals of Kawak basin's deposits.

1200 (one thousand two hundred) U.S. dollars

Auction will be held February 3, 2014 at 13-00 hours Kochkor village in the Assembly Hall Kochkor of the district state administration of Naryn region. Registration of bidders from 12-00 hours to 12-50 hours.

All those who wish to participate in the auction should submit documents for participation in bidding not later than 15:00 hours January 31, 2014 in the State Agency for Geology at: Bishkek city, Erkindik Avenue, 2, office No.220. Detailed information on all required documents for participation in bidding is in “Bidding conditions on provision of subsoil license”. For familiarization with the terms and conditions and other information regarding the bidding is possible on Agency website  by phones: (+996 312) 909864 (on Russian), 909869 (on English), and also in Information Resources Department of the State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, office No. 311/2, every day from 9:00 to 18:00 hours.